Mission Statement




Our Mission

Hart-Ransom Academic Charter School provides unique educational opportunities that enhance family life, while addressing the needs and concerns of parents and children.  We take seriously our responsibility to help our students build proficiency in academic and social competencies necessary for success in each grade level and beyond.


Our Purpose

Hart-Ransom Academic Charter School is designed to support families who desire direct involvement in the education and instruction of their children at home.  Extra activities and classes are offered for the students and parent-teachers to achieve their educational goals.


Our Principles

We believe the practice of the following principles will result in a good faith environment, manifested in loyalty to each other, and a growing commitment to the Hart-Ransom Academic Charter community. We value: loyalty, honesty, diligence, relationships, respect, and kindness.


Hart-Ransom Academic Charter School Profile and History


In a location surrounded by almond orchards and cornfields, Hart-Ransom Academic Charter School (HRACS) is nestled in the western portion of Modesto, California.  As the 80th Charter School started in California, the school opened its doors in 1995 with an enrollment of 65 students.  Today, the school serves over 430 students in Stanislaus and the adjacent counties through TK-12 home-based instruction.  HRACS’ student population comes from a wide range of backgrounds and neighborhoods.


Families that participate in the school program are embraced with a strong focus on academics combined with a warm, supportive, and communicative atmosphere created by the staff.  Students are supported by a team that includes their parents, who are their primary teachers, and their advisory teacher; a credentialed teacher who monitors their progress and assists the parents with instructional planning.  In addition, school support includes the principal office staff, resource specialist and district-wide services such as the speech therapist, psychologist, counselor, and nurse.  The strong commitment to excellence, and academics, is reinforced by having the parents sign a Master Agreement each year. This commits the parents to meet regularly with an Advisory Teacher, turn in monthly lesson plan projections, and participate in standardized testing.  Students are assessed in all content areas, and state-aligned curriculum is matched to the students’ individual needs.



  • Live in the Stanislaus County or an adjacent county (no inter-district transfer necessary)
  • Desire a more personalized public education for your child at home
  • Can devote a few hours to spend each day teaching your child and completing assignments
  • The child is eligible for Transitional Kindergarten through the 12th grade
    • Kindergarten child will  be five years old by September 1st this school year
    • Transitional Kindergarten child will be five years old before December 1st this school year
  • The Student may not be concurrently enrolled in another public school
  • Agree to Standardized Testing (Students grades: 3rd - 11th)
  • Meet regularly with your assigned Advisory Teacher


Getting started

  1. Contact the school (drop by, email, website, or phone 209-523-0401)
    1. Fill out a pre-enrollment form and submit to office
    2. Attend an informational meeting
  2. You will be notified of your status shortly after you apply
  3. Once enrolled, your assigned Advisory Teacher will set up a meeting to select curriculum


2 CAMPUSES - 1 SCHOOL (Main Campus & College Campus)


The current school facility is located adjacent to Hart-Ransom Elementary School and the District Offices.  The Educational Center features administrative offices, a school library, student classrooms that are utilized for on-site courses, a curriculum room, parent work center, and outside open space for student activities.  Shared District facilities include a large and small gymnasium, and athletic fields. NEW to our school: the "College Campus" where most of out Highs School activities and classes take place.

Ed Center (Front Office)

  • Supplies/Copier
  • Library
  • Waiting Area
  • Resource Specialist


Curriculum Room

  • Books & Resources


Gymnasium (Shared)

  • Large Events
  • Sports


5 Classrooms (Main Campus)

  • Classrooms (C4-C8)
  • Orientations
  • Onsite classes
  • Events
  • Family Meetings



  • Office
  • Several classrooms
  • Garden/Green house
  • Gathering Room

2023 New H.S. "College Campus"




3920 Shoemake Avenue, Modesto, CA 95358

Message/PH (209) 523-0401    FAX (209) 523-1064

  Hours:  M-F  8:00 am  -  4:30 pm