Welcome Vendors

Hart-Ransom Academic Charter School would like to thank you for your interest in being a course vendor for our students. It is our belief that students should have the opportunity to supplement the core academic studies with enriching programs that enable well-rounded growth and development. We review all vendor applications annually in order to ensure that we offer quality programs. Included in the vendor packet are the essential forms and paperwork you need to be a vendor with our school:

  • Vendor Instructions
  • Vendor Application
  • Vendor Billing Procedures
  • Vendor Fingerprint Clearance Certification
  • Vendor Class Listing/Pricing for HRACS

Please read the entire document carefully (link to packet on the left), fill out completely and return

LAST UPDATE: January 2018

3920 Shoemake Avenue, Modesto, CA 95358

Message/PH (209) 523-0401    FAX (209) 523-1064

 Open:  M-F  8:00 am  -  4:00 pm